Tuesday, June 18, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

Wahoo! We have made it to Tuesday already!
1. The weekend is right around the corner and I am starting mine early on Friday! We are heading to PA for the whole weekend for the North East Super Meet. You may be asking "what is that?" Well it's my hubby's truck groups huge meet for the East Coast. He has been talking about this since like September! He is so excited and I am excited for him. He has also arranged for an offroading meet on Friday morning so he is going to take his truck out and I'm taking my Jeep out on the trails. It should be a lot of fun! Plus my bestie and her husband are going with us and we pretty much never see each other, so it will be nice to spend the weekend catching up!
2. Milk out of those little paper cartons tastes horrible! I don't know why they haven't come up with a better way to sell milk!
3. I have been doing weight watchers and my fitness pal. We shall see, for some reason, I think this week is going to be a gain. I can just feel it!
4. I have a lot to do before our trip this weekend, but no energy to do it! Who wants to take the dog to the groomers and wash all my clothes?!? Anyone?!?
5. Next week will be exciting also! Hubby's birthday is on Thursday! Even though he doesn't make a big deal out of birthdays, I get super excited for them! Then Friday will hopefully (fingers crossed there is no reason to cancel this time!!!) be my origami owl party and I will get some time with the girls! Then Saturday is a Birthday party and then a Bridal Shower. We will finish the day off with dinner at one of the seafood restaurants so Kenny can have his birthday dinner of crab legs! Two exciting weekends in a row!!!!
6. I need to come up with work for Hailey to do during the summer. I don't want her to forget what she has learned all year! Maybe I need to invest in some work books or something! She also has a chart that was sent home for summer reading program. SHE has to read over 1000 pages this summer and I have to document it each time. When she takes it back to school she will get a prize and they will have a party! I think it's a great incentive to keep kids reading!
7. I would love to go to the beach! I mean REALLLLLLLY love it! But I don't see that happening. I was invited to my Aunt's time share in Destin, where my grandma lived, but since it is in August I know I will not be able to take off work. Also I don't think we could make the trip financially. OH POO!
8. We finally got some pool time in on Sunday! It was only an hour and a half, but it was nice! The water was cold, but we enjoyed it anyways!
9. My Grandmother told me something the other day that really upset me and is weighing heavy on my heart. Maybe I didn't want to believe that the situation had gotten that bad, or maybe I just have had so much hope that the outcome will change. I will just have to continue to hope and pray for a change.
10. I read earlier today that VA sales tax is increasing and on top of the state wide increase, Northern Virginia (where I work) will have an additional 1% tax added. I guess that will mean that I won't be running to the mall or CVS to grab stuff while I am over here. I will have to wait to get home where it will be cheaper! Craziness!

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