Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It is Tuesday again! ::Insert Smiley Face Here!::
1. Tomorrow is the end of the year celebration for my little! I know they have little hats they have been making with little tassels! And she has been working on a song for the past two weeks! I am so excited to see everything!
2. I am having a really hard time with the school year ending. As happy as I am at how far Hailey has come, my heart aches at the fact that she is growing up sooooooo fast!
3. After graduation, Hailey and I are going to a surprise! You guessed it! Build a bear! She has been asking for the past month and now that the new catalog came in she has been carrying that around! She also got a coupon in my email from last years Pre K graduation Build a Bear for a free accessory to celebrate it's birthday! Scoreeeee! I will be printing out coupons tonight!
4. Since Hailey seems to be my topic so far, guess who ended up in my bed last night around midnight?! She woke up and came running in saying there was little spiders all in her bed. I tried to tell her it was okay and it was just a dream, but she asked if she could lay with me. Kenny came in at 1:30 from work to find Hailey snuggled in his spot. His question for me was "Did you forget something?" Like he thought I had forgotten to put Hailey to bed or something.
5. I went to bed around 9:30 and was really tired. I was still awake when Hailey came in and then again when Kenny came home. I could not sleep for the life of me. And when I can't sleep all I do is think.
6. I did sleep on the van this morning, apparently really good. Three times I woke myself up with a really loud snore. I am hoping no one else heard it! Ha!
7. Hailey got her yearbook yesterday. It was pretty cool and I loved watching her look at it and get excited about different things. Then I started to feel bad. When I filled out the form for the year book there was a box you could check that could say "Give the gift of memories to a child". This let you pay for additional year books for children who maybe could not afford one. I wasn't able to do it at the time. But now I am kicking myself because I should have! Just buying lunch and breakfast here at work was the price of a yearbook. I could of easily of brought my food for one day so that I could have given that money. Or when I did get paid, I could of sent in more money. I feel really bad for not doing it.
8. I decided to do an end of the year gift for Hailey's classmates! I am pretty proud of what I came up with! Can't wait to finish them tonight!

9. I deleted five things from this list. I figured I would keep this for the most part on the lighter side and keep the other things to myself.
10. And here is something to really smile about! My house is sold! FINALLY!!!!!!!! It is a huge weight off my shoulders!

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