Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What Wednesday!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of So What Wednesday!
This week I am saying So What! to.......
  • That I am super slammed at work, but I wanted to take a second to do this!
  • I didn't hit my 15lb mark like I should have today even when I worked really hard this week! UGH!
  • I only went to the gym last night because I was afraid Heather was going to ask me and then I would feel bad saying that I didn't go! I didn't want to be told "bad girl" haha
  • My job didn't pay my transit subsidy this month. I have sent 4 emails, let two voicemails, and now am sitting here trying to figure out what to do. All I know is I am not paying that $200 for the van!
  • You would think if you wanted a huge grant and knew it was a very competitive competition with alot of applicants that you would follow the rules when submitting a proposal. When we say "no more than three pages for a justification" and someone sends in 28 pages then something is wrong here! FOLLOW DIRECTIONS PEOPLE!
  • I really wanted a bowl of ice cream last night, but I told myself I couldn't have it. The truth was I was actually to lazy to get out of bed to go get it.
  • I was in bed at 8:30 and asleep by 9:10pm! Def not my usual, but the sleep was very much needed.
  • My house looks like a bomb went off. It has looked that way for a week and each day I add to the mess. I just havent had the energy to clean! I decide it's time to clean, then I look around and decide Netflix sounds like a better plan!
  • Why can't I ever remember to take my RedBox back! Ugh $1.20 a day Nicole!
  • I am stressed and grumpy this morning! Can you tell?
I am hoping my Wednesday gets much better!
So what are you saying "So What" to this week?!?

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