Friday, June 28, 2013

Halfway Through The Year!

I figured since it was half way through the year it would be a good time to reflect and see where I am in respect to my goals I set out for 2013! This was the original post that I brought in the new year with! I had said instead of making individual goals I needed to look more at the "big picture" and being the best person I could be! So how have I been doing?

So one of the first things I said was:

I want to get healthy, lose weight, take care of myself better, become more active, and establish a routine.

Well, since getting on a van pool I have established more of a routine. I am up and out of the house every morning at the same time and I get home roughly around the same time every evenings. I am not using leave each day to make up for the time I have lost in traffic. I have been working on making healthier choices. It is something I am always conscious of so that's a start. I haven't lost much weight since the start of the year, but I am working on it and have been making a conscious effort of weighing in every Wednesday even when I don't like the results. It has been a way that I have stayed accountable. As far as becoming more active......well this one needs more work. So all around with this goal, it's a work in progress and I will have to continue to work harder on them.

I want to finally unpack and get organized in this house. What a stress reducer that will be!

This is a big fat negative! But hey! I still have half a year left!

I want to be a better mother, focus on Hailey more and not take for granite each moment I spend with her. I want to be a good role model. Make sure she is learning healthy life styles and the importance of being the best person she can be.

This is something I do need to work on still! Sometimes my patience is just not where it needs to be, especially after a hard day at work. I need to work on separating that from my home life. I also need to work on yelling and keeping my cool a little more. Sometimes I just can't help it! So these things all need to be worked on. It is not Hailey's fault I am stressed. Though I need to work on these things, I do think we have been spending more time together. We have watched movies together and done things fun together. Now that school is over, I am able to spend more time with her instead of sitting in my room doing homework.

I want to be a better wife. I want to work on my patience and the way I react to things. Take a minute to understand Kenny better. To put more effort into communication. To complain less and listen more.

To be honest, I have really been working on this one. I think our relationship is in a pretty good place rigth now. I try to listen more instead of shooting down his ideas. We also have been doing a lot more of the things he is into. Luckily for the most part I like these things also, so it's not like I am just following behind him ready to leave. Though I don't always understand him, I do try to listen.

I want to be a better friend. RESPOND TO TEXT MESSAGES AS SOON AS I READ THEM (PS this one is for you Heather). I need to listen more and maybe offer advice less. I have learned that sometimes we know what the right thing to do is, but in fact we just want someone to listen. I want to make a point to keep relationships strong. I love the friends I have in my life,new and old,and I want to make sure they stay in my life.

This is something I have been working on. I try to sit back and listen more to what is being said. Sometimes I can't help but try to offer some words of advice and sometimes that doesn't go over very well. I have had some real ups and downs in friendships over the months and I really have had to let somethings go. I do plan on continuing to be a good friend and someone that can relied on!

In all I want to be a better person. I want to be honest, trust worthy, dependable, non judgemental, understanding, true. I want to be able to go to lay down at night and know that each day I gave my all and the best of me I could give.

This is something that I am working on. It's good to reread this and remind myself what I am striving for. Each elements in my life is a work in progress (well I haven't really done the whole organizing thing), but I am glad to be able to reflect and see that it's half way through the year and these are some things that I have been trying to be better at. Maybe it will help put the rest of the year in perspective for me.

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