Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WW: End of the School Year Crafts!

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This is the last week of school for the kids in our county! This gave me an excuse to get crafty!
I made one of these for the teacher and the assistant teacher in Hailey's class.
Plant- $.79
Clay pot to plant it in- $. 99
Message- Free printable found here
1 piece of card stock- already had at home
Little stick- extra stir sticks from Panera I had at my desk!
Total amount per gift: $1.78!
And now for a little gift for the classmates!
This is what I am most excited about because I designed the little tags by myself. And the funny thing is that I did it in Microsoft PowerPoint! I threw some clipart together, added a little glow to the word "bubbles" and printed it off 6 slides to a page! Worked out perfect!
First pack of Bubbles- $2.99
Second pack of Bubbles- $1.79 (40% off Michael's coupon) 
4 pieces of card stock- already had at home
Ribbon- already had at home also
Total price for 20 classmate gifts- $4.78
One excited Momma- PRICELESS

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