Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. It rained really hard Friday and some how the the basement started flooding. After days of using a dehumidifier and a fan, the carpet in that area is still not dry. Kenny pulled it up to help it dry, but he said earlier that he thinks it's ruined and is going to remove that area. Boo!

2. My performance review for my job for the year is today! I am actually really nervous about it, especially after the way it went last year.

3. I woke up with an ear ache and a sore throat on one side. What is up with that? Maybe it's allergies?

4. I did my grocery shopping last night and I am so glad that's out of the way. That's one of my least favorite things to do! I am also excited about the pineapple I have waiting for me to cut! Yummmm!

5. Today is Spring picture day. I laid out Hailey's clothes so I know the outfit is okay, but I hope Kenny helped her with her hair. If she wants anything done with her hair, instead of it just down and straight, I have to do it at night so Kenny can have a guide while he straightens it up in the morning. He won't do anything with her hair in the mornings besides brush it if I don't!

6. Hailey really loved soccer this past weekend. The closer it got to the first practice/game the more nervous she seemed to get. I was so happy she got right out there and it pretty much came naturally. She even had the ball a couple times! The parents were pretty great too! We were all cheering for the kids. This was pretty much all of their first time playing soccer so they really liked having fans in the crowd! Note to self....bring chairs!

7. I woke up at 3 this morning and was not able to go back to sleep. Now I am starting to get very very sleepy. Luckily I have a huge iced coffee to chug!

8. My book finally came! I had no clue it was 500 pages! I need to get to reading ASAP!

9. We went to an Earth Day fair this past weekend. It was really nice outside and it was huge. It was cool walking around looking at everything and they had a ton of stuff for Hailey to do! She came home with a kite, a bird feeder she made, a couple different flowers that she planted. It was a lot of fun, it was free, and we did it as a family. It was a really nice day!

10. I'm hooked on that show Bates Motel. It is very odd and kind of confusing at times, but I can't help but want to watch more! I finally caught up last night while a marathon was on before the new episode. Such a weird show!

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