Thursday, April 25, 2013

Balancing out Hormones- Easier said than done!

So ovarian cysts are nothing new to me. I have gotten them since I was about 17 years old. They used to usually include a visit to the ER because of the pain and then they would find a cyst on my ovaries and send me home. If you have every had one, you know they can be extremely painful. They range in all different sizes. If they get big enough they will go in and remove them. Mine have always been smaller, but it still included the intense pains that go with them. For probably the past 3 years I have had them really bad, to the point that I have a constant pressure in my left pelvic area and then sometimes sharp pains out of no where. They can be sharp, sudden, and go away fast or they can linger which results in me laying in bed curled in a ball crying. After my "woman yearly exam" this year, my new doctor decided to do a thorough sonogram of my ovaries. The results were both ovaries have cysts and my left one is full of them and also has a good amount of scar tissue in it, which is why that side is much more painful. The recommendation was birth control to help regulate things a little bit better.

I had an appointment last week, and I brought up the that I wanted to start trying for a baby this fall. I told her that I was working on losing weight to make the pregnancy easier. She informed me that my hormones are very much imbalanced (which is a cause behind the chronic cysts) and if I want to have a baby she said that I would have to get my body ready for it beyond just losing weight. She said that there is a good chance I will struggle with getting pregnant since my hormones are imbalanced and she also said that if I don't prepare my body then the pregnancy was going to be very hard on my body and health. I kind of was taken back by the whole conversation and left the office feeling kind of lost. I have been trying to do everything right with planning another baby. I've been trying to get healthier. I am working on my debt so money won't be such a struggle one day. I will be out of school so I wont have the extra stress of that. Hopefully my other house will be sold by then and that will be a huge relief. I was really looking forward to this fall being a perfect time to start trying and planning. Now I felt as though I hit a huge bump in the road.

I have spent many sleepless nights reading about hormone imbalances and ways that you can help get them back to functioning correctly. I have been reading a lot of positive things about this book called "The Hormone Diet" which is a 2 week detox and a 4 week plan to help get everything back to functioning normal. I bought the book last night on my iPad and started reading it. I could relate to a lot of the symptoms that are talked about in the book. It's not really an exact diet plan, but more of a "you can eat this" and "you can't eat any of that" type plan, it's based off of clean eating and the mederteranian diet plan for health. I think the plan is called the glyca-med plan. Its a big book with lots of medical terms (good think I took anatomy!) but, I am going to continue reading it and give it a try! I have read a lot of reviews and there is a ton of positive things from people of all ages and with all different medical issues. So hopefully this will be what I need to help balance out these hormones.
Plus if it helps me drop a little weight in the process, I won't complain!

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