Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ten things on Tuesday!

1. I have been off the past two days and can not express to you how much I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW!!! Think anyone will notice I'm not back?!?

2. I quit the YMCA, one because I only have a membership to get a discount on Hailey's after care. Basically the Y membership was the same price that I was saving on the aftercare, but basically I screwed myself with taxes because I couldn't claim the extra amount that I was still paying but putting towards the membership dues. And secondly it was 30 minutes away and I just never made time to get there. You figure that's an hour in just traveling would put us home after like 8pm on a school night.

3. I started Curves gym again. Now that my commute saves time, I can budget the 30 minutes for a curves routine and its on the way to pick up Hailey. I used to go before Hailey was born every single day, then when I had her and it didn't have a daycare I had to quit. I'm glad to be back! And no enrollment and its cheaper then the extra I was spending at the Y. I've been twice this week already!

4. I need to figure out what I'm going to plant in my yard! It's prime time for spring planting, or so I've been told!

5. Kenny FINALLY took down the Christmas lights today. He did it while I was at the gym. I noticed that those bright white gutter clips were missing as soon as I pulled in the drive way.

6. Hailey is gone for 3 whole nights and four days. She was supposed to go to work with me tomorrow but decided Grammy's house was cooler. Sheesh!

7. Hailey starts soccer on the 13th. I just heard from the coach tonight. She needs black shorts and black socks. Her shirt will be provided and will be light blue and she is a Colombian! I'm so excited for her!

8. I finally got a Bud Lime Margarita drink that filled my FB and Instagram feeds this weekend! It in the refrigerator getting nice and cold for tomorrow!

9. Tomorrow is weigh in and I feel like I gained. I have a feeling Ill be up most the night worrying about it! It is what it is, lets just say Easter was too yummy to resist.

10. Book club meeting is Sunday and I'm not even half way through. Sounds like I have some catching up to do!

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