Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 13

This week's weight loss:

Whomp whomp!
Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
 What worked for me this week:
Well, as you can see it was a gain this week. So apparently nothing worked for me this time. I guess it could of been a bigger gain if I had of plain given up, but I didn't. I tracked every bite even when I was over my points.
What didn't work for me:
 The fact we went to two different BIG Easter meals and I had food and dessert at both! I let myself go Sunday!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
Getting back into working out. I have gone twice this week already and have my gym clothes packed for today. I am supposed to devote at least three days a week to working out so I am hoping I can do that, and maybe an extra day or two on top of that!

My goals for this week:

Work out at least three times a week, budget my points better and use them on healthier foods, and drink water! Lots and LOTS of water!

See you next week!

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