Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 14


This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
 Adding the extra exercise and also really tracking every bite. Once I track in the evenings I know if I can have a snack with Hailey before bed or if I should just hold off.
What didn't work for me:
 Still haven't been able to get into the habit of drinking enough water! I really need to work on that!

 A non scale victory for me this past week:
Only eating two cookies in the evening! My mom sent home a dozen cookies that her and Hailey baked. So each night we sit together with a glass of milk and we each get two cookies. Sometimes it's really hard to close that bag!

 My goals for this week:

Work out at least three times a week, budget my points better and use them on healthier foods, and drink water! Lots and LOTS of water! (I'll just keep this goal again!)

See you next week!

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