Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. I am super tired today. I got up when my alarm went off and just wasn't feeling to good. So I started getting ready then decided I was going to stay home. I climbed back in bed and closed my eyes, then I decided I needed to get up and go in today. So needless to say, I am at work.

2. Hailey scored her first goal this past Saturday! She was so excited and we couldn't have been more excited for her!

3. I have a problem with tomatoes. Like maybe an addiction or something! I always sit and eat a whole carton in one sitting! I just love them! Food Lion had them on sale for a really good price. Guess who stocked up on them?!? Mmmmmm tomatoes!

4. May is right around the corner and I am very excited! Might I mention it will be my birthday and also I will be graduating from college!

5. I made lemonade out of a one of those frozen Minute maid cans, well it was FoodLions brand so it was probably called like 60 Seconds Maid or something like that, anyways that was my first time doing that and it was delicious! I have been crazing some good tart lemonade!

6. I am not sure how I am going to do on my weigh in tomorrow. I haven't tracked the past few days. I am not sure what happened. It's not like I overate like crazy or anything, but I just forgot to write it all down. Hopefully it won't be a gain!

7. I did a MUCH NEEDED refrigerator clean out last night! I am pretty proud of myself!

8. After I did that I then washed all the dirty containers. In fact before I went to bed I emptied out the dishwasher, put all the containers away, then reloaded. Guess who has been having a clean sink these past few weeks, this chic!

9. Hailey has soccer at 10:30 on Saturday. Saturday is also Kenny's truck groups big spring bonfire meet at our house. He wont be able to go to soccer since he will have people getting there early. After soccer I was supposed to take her to my Mom's, which is an hour and a half away, and then I am supposed to hurry back home so I can help entertain. Well Hailey brought home a Birthday invitation for this Saturday and she really wants to go! So now we are going to do soccer at 10:30, go to Chris' birthday party a little late since it starts at 11:00. Then once we leave that head to my moms. It will be one busy morning for sure!

10. The Birthday party we are going to.......yeah that is one crazy mom! She has 6 children and she is doing all of their Birthday parties in one day at her house. Chris is the youngest and starts at 11am, then she has one starting at 1, 3, 5, 7, and her oldest party starts at 9pm. She said she expects that at times there will be over 100 people at her house while the parties are ending and one is beginning. Crazy! CRAZY!
Hope everyone has a nice Tuesday!

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  1. That mom is crazy! And all there birthdays can't be in the same month? I could NOT do that whoa!