Tuesday, April 30, 2013

10 Things on Tuesdays!

1. It has been rainy for the past couple days, but I heard that maybe the sun will peak out today! I also heard we won't see the sun until Thursday so I am not sure which one to believe! All I know is that my poor neglected plants are probably loving all the water!
2. I finally finished my book for my case study and I got all 10 pages typed up last night. I was pretty proud of the final report. Hopefully my teacher will also think the same when she is grading me.
3. I have been feeling down this week. I just have so much on my mind and kind of a heavy heart about some things.
4. I have a Scentsy event this week on Thursday night. I am kind of excited and hopefully people show up. It's working with a real estate agency in one of the model house open houses. We shall see!
5. This weekend was busy, but turned out very well! The house is finally clean, including Hailey's room! Plus the company over the weekend provided a lot of laughs and good times! My parents even made their first trip all the way Egypt to visit me! Ps: I don't live in Egypt, but that's how people like to view the distance. :)
6. My birthday is coming! I can't help but get smile as I type that!
7. I have 2 weeks left of school and believe me it isn't going to be easy with the amount of final projects and the level of difficulty of them! I hopefully will manage my time so that nothing will be last minute! Haha wishful thinking!
8. My sink is clean! This doesn't seem like anything special to some, but the amount of weeks I made mention about the never ending dishes that were piled in my sink on this post and my So What! posts, it's a huge accomplishment!
9. All of Hailey's clothes are washed, well except for yesterdays outfit! Get this, they are even folded and put away! Again another minor thing, but a huge accomplishment for me!
10. I am hoping that I can take some deep breathes, relax and begin to feel better about things. I really hate dealing with this anxiety and I hate taking medication to deal with it on days like today. 

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