Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. Holy smokes am I tired today! I have to keep putting effort into staying awake at work! I'm looking forward to my commute home so I can get my nap on!
2. So today is my Birthday eve! My last day of 25! Wahhhhhh! But I am still super excited for tomorrow!
3. I am finally on my lunch break and am catching up on last nights issue of Teen Mom 2. I think Kailyn is a true nutcase and soooooo rude!
4. I submitted my Psychology Portfolio that I needed to graduate! 63 pages and over 25,000 words! It's crazy seeing everything coming together, especially after all the stress, tears, and hardwork I put into these past few years of school! I can't believe graduation is on Saturday and is finally here!
5. This week is Teacher Appreciation week! I love Hailey's teacher and think she has been amazing for Hailey, especially with how hard of time Hailey had adjusting to all the new in her life. I have planned something small, mostly school supplies, with a note each day for Hailey to take in (thank you pinterest!!!)! Friday I have something a little more special planed and can't wait to share the pictures!
6. I volunteered to make a desert for Teacher Appreciation events that the PTA is doing each day. I wrote the lady and told her I would contribute a desert and she asked me to also contribute a box of K Cups. Ughhhh that was not part of my plan! Of course I didn't feel like I could say "no" so Kenny will be delivering brownies and KCups to school tomorrow for me! Note to self- make brownies tonight and tell Kenny about his task tomorrow!
7. Soccer is almost over and I am going to miss it! These 6 weeks have flown by! I am pretty sure Hailey wants to do it in the fall now for a long season, so we will see!
8. Work has been CRAZY lately! I am actually 2 weeks behind in one of my really important tasks I am suppose to keep up with, but between meetings and constant urgent things I need to be doing, it's just not getting done. I would have liked to take off tomorrow, but I have 4 meetings and a webinar that I have to babysit at 3pm. Hope they won't mind that I WILL be on leave come Thursday and Friday! I need some R&R!
9. I am kind of sad I won't see Kenny tomorrow, but Meagan is coming over to cook me dinner so I am looking forward to spending my evening with her and Hailey!
10. I have managed to still have the house clean, well all the rooms that I cleaned like two weeks ago, and might I add the sink is still empty! I feel I deserve some kind of award for that progress!


  1. Good thing you told me about your birthday bahahha jk. I better see you Friday

  2. And also I am jealous of your teacher gifts! That is all!