Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Friday!

The Everyday Joys
At the moment I really irked about something, so I thought it might be good to use my lunch break to blog about some fabulous stuff that is going on and coming up!
Another later soccer game tomorrow which means I get to sleep in! I am running on fumes at the moment and am really excited to sleep in a tad bit. Wouldn't you think that anything past 4:30am would be sleeping in for me? Nope! I like to sleep until 9ish on the weekend!
Have I mentioned my birthday is next week?!? It's nothing special and nothing special going on, but I am still excited about it! I always love birthdays!
I am excited for Mother's day. I assuming we are going to go to my Grandmother's like normal to visit, but it's so wishy washy right now. Anyways, I usually try to take flowers to my Mom, aunt, cousin, and grandmother. I usually just buy one thing of carnations and split them up between everyone. This year I decided to plan it a little better and go get little cheap glass vases from AC Moore, so when I split them up I can just put them in the small vase and tie a ribbon around them. Pretty them up a bit! I wish I could snatch my baby cousin up for a couple hours and do something special for my cousin. I might have to plan a small, non messy, craft when I get there for her to do! You know something small and special from a sweet two year old!
I am counting down the days until I graduate! I am slowly checking off the remaining things on my list. Really now all I have is my final projects! I have taken full time classes, even through the summer for the past 3 years. I am finally ready to admit I need a break. This last semester has me burned out! A whole summer with no projects and homework! Sounds perfect to me!
I am going to do some crafting this weekend! I found some cheap little ideas for teacher's appreciation gifts next week! I picked something small for each day of the week! I have some coupons so I am going out tonight to get the stuff so I can work on it this weekend! I found all the ideas on pinterest, so I am excited to do them myself! Hailey's teacher is AMAZING and was so good with her while she had such a hard time adjusting! I am also making brownies to for Wednesday's event for the PTA. They have something planned for a lunch for the whole staff each day of next week.
Hailey got picked to eat with the principal today! She has been talking about this for weeks and how badly she wanted it to be her that was picked. They collected tickets for doing good things in the month of April. They all went into a drawing and two kids were picked from each kindergarten class. So she will be enjoying a pizza party today!
I am going to an Origami Owl party on Sunday! I am really looking forward to seeing everything in person! I always hear about it and have seen it online, but I have been told it's way better in person! I won't be able to get anything, but I'm excited to just look. Plus I'm excited to see the hostess of the party as well! ;)
I'm excited for the weekend. It's been a very long week to say the least! Besides for an origami owl party and soccer, I have nothing else planned. For the most part the house is clean so I won't be constantly thinking about that, so this weekend I am going to just take time to breath and relax!
I feel much better now and have a smile on my face thinking of all the fabulous things going on!
What fabulous things would you like to share?!?

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