Tuesday, May 21, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. I look forward to doing my 10 things on Tuesday post! Sometimes I actually lay in bed on Monday night thinking about what I am going to write!
2. I feel weird not having school projects and deadlines hanging over my head. Without thinking about it, I automatically begin to go to schools site when I get online. When I realize what I am doing I am often left with the thought of "oh great what am I supposed to do next". Usually I just head to pinterest. Ha!
3. I have two books that I am reading. One was March's book club book that I'm about 70% done with and the other is April/May's book which I am like 30 pages in. Well last night I read something about Emily Griffin's new book and how good it was. So I immediately went to Barnes and Knobles website and now I am currently reading three books.
4. I have always saved up all my credit card points for something amazing. But in reality I feel cheated when I think I spent how many thousands of dollars to get something that was like $30 in store. So last year I used all my points to get Barnes and Knobles gift cards! I actually got $80 worth! When I look at all the books I have downloaded, I am so happy I used them on something like that rather than a starbucks gift card or mini charcoal grill haha.
5. There is only 11 days of schools left for my little after today and 4 of those are half days! I can't believe how fast the year has been!
6. I have been wondering if Hailey was going to have a graduation from Kindergarten. I know most schools don't do that now. I received a flyer for a Pizza End of the Year Celebration, but figured it would just be a lunch thing. But Hailey clues me in last night that they have been making graduation hats and working on a song! Now I am super excited!
7. I have spent a lot of time looking for new jobs lately. I mean if work is constantly telling us that we should look for different jobs, then I guess I should take the hint. I mean my job is stable, but as far as growth potential is there is none. We carry heavy work loads and no chance of promotion in the future. I mean I am content now, but it would be nice to know that I have something to work for one day. Morale is awful here that's for sure!
8. I used a website idea to help me create a spreadsheet to make a budget. Once I added all my bills and how much I would allow for different things like groceries, personal items, and things like eating out, I had a larger monthly total than I bring home. According to that website I should have a couple hundred dollars left to put in savings and have for incidentals. Opps!
9. We have no plans for this long weekend coming up. I told Kenny we are going to have a family cleaning day. He did not seem thrilled and like usual he probably won't take part in it. I have been in a thorough spring cleaning mood. Well, I haven't actually done anything, but I like the idea!
10. I have really been struggling the past couple days. Maybe it's because of my monthly friend will be making it's visit, but I have been super emotional. I have just been feeling alone, like I have no one really to relate to. I guess the tension here at work and the fact I feel so far away from Hailey if she needs me is really getting to me. Not to mention the hours of time I spend in traffic even with the vanpool. I understand every one's life is different, but I can't help but feel slightly envious when most Mom's I know are stay at home moms. I know that's not all it's cracked up to be and most of them want to pull their hair out some days, but when I think of having another baby and the time I will spend away from that child, it breaks my heart. I already don't have a normal family structure with Kenny working nights. Plus I am gone from the house over 12 hours a day. I just have been feeling really lonely when I think about all of it and everything I feel like I miss out on. Kenny flat out told me last night that I have spent so much money to get a degree that it would be stupid and ridiculous to consider me staying home. Plus he flat out said he isn't willing to give up anything to help make it happen. But it's not like I said I was giving up on a career or goals and never working again. I just would like to know that I don't have to miss out on everything like I feel like I am now, especially with the thought of a second child......... Insert sad face here!

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  1. I only worked out of the home for a little bit after I had Kayliana (until I gave birth to Addison) but it is hard work. I give props to moms who work and take care of their kids. Hailey's a wonderful little girl and you are doing a great job as a mom. Be proud of that!