Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Weekend in a Nutshell!

So my last post left off on Wednesday, and talked about my lovely Birthday flood! It a crazy day and I was just emotionally and physically exhausted. Meagan came over and decorated the house for my Birthday and then made me dinner and a cake which was really nice! I got to spend the evening with her, Hailey, and Kenny since he was off working on the basement. That helped cheer me up a bit!

Thursday and Friday, I took off from work which was nice! We took the cat to vet on Thursday then Kenny and I walked around the mall for a bit. We didn't buy one thing! Impressive, I know! Then we went and had lunch together which was nice just spending time together. When we picked Hailey up from school she was looking really rough. She said she just didn't feel good and had a nasty cough. Poor thing! We just hung around the house for the evening, nothing special.

Friday, Hailey woke up sick still so she stayed home. I got up and got ready to head over to Maryland where I went and visited with Heather. It was nice to catch up, laugh, and just sit outside in the nice weather for a while! After that I ran to my mom's house to give tickets for my graduation and Mother's day gifts, then headed to my Aunt's to do the same. I got home kind of late Friday evening, but just in time to catch the Caps game!

Saturday we skipped soccer since it had been raining all week so it was super wet and Hailey just still wasn't feeling good. We got ready and headed out of the house at 11:30am for my graduation. I had to be there by 2pm to start lining up! It was hectic and was a long time standing in lines. Graduation started at 4pm and lasted until 6:30pm. It was also very LONNNNG, but was very exciting when my name was called and I could finally move my tassel! After that we headed for a "surprise" and ended up at my grandmother's house with all my family for a surprise party! Dinner and cake was amazing plus I enjoyed laughing with my cousins! We didn't get home until after midnight so it was a very long day! I was very impressed with how well Hailey did after feeling so crumby all day.

Sunday was Mother's Day and I slept in! I actually did a lot of sleeping during the day. We stayed in PJs and just hung around the house. If I was not sleeping, I was working on my final project that was due at midnight! Isn't it funny that I still had a ton of work due on the12th, when I graduated on the 11th? It still all had to be done because I don't get my diploma until July after the completion on these final classes.

My little still wasn't feeling good Sunday evening and was still coughing and running a low grade fever. I decided to keep her home and took off of work on Monday. I was able to get her a doctors appointment yesterday at a new pediatrician and they ended up diagnosing it as Croup. She was prescribed a steroid for the next three days. I could tell a huge difference from yesterday morning to the afternoon when we were at the doctors. I think it's running it's course, but she said this should nip it the rest of the way in the butt.

So that was it! My whole weekend! Not to shabby, if I can say so myself! A Birthday, Graduation, and Mother's day all in one! Kenny informed me yesterday that my weekend was over and he could go back to being mean to me. Ha!

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