Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday

1. Today is my first day back to work since last it Friday yet?!
2. Hailey took her final teacher gifts from Friday to school today! Hope they liked them!
3. I made my own Mother's day card this year! I was impressed with myself! I even put some pretty pearls on it!
4. It feels weird not having school projects and deadlines hanging over my head. I am still waiting for my final grades to make sure I passed my last two classes. I think tomorrow is when grades have to be submitted.
5. The house is starting to smell musty while we are still trying to get all the water out. We have almost all the carpet pulled out and fans and dehumidifiers running. I will love to see that electric bill.
6. Whenever I feel like I get one step ahead when it comes to money, then a an additional bill comes in. I owe $70 for the insurance policy on the old house, not to mention like $600 in medical bills. One bill I have been paying since this time last year. I am down to $90 on it, but that might be another 2 or 3 payments on that. I figure as long as they all get something then they won't turn me into collections.
7. I had a very scary ghost dream the other night and it really freaked me out. I was screaming in my dreaming but it was coming out as a "shhhhhhing" sound really loudly in real life. I woke up to Kenny very yelling "well I don't know what you are doing over there!" haha ummmm hello! Can't you tell I was screaming! That dream really freaked me out!
8. I got a sunless tanner wash for my Birthday. Hot off the market at QVC. Let's just say I did it last night and it was a complete fail! I look like I have some odd skin disease. Thank goodness I didn't use it on my face. And the smell is so sweet and strong and that is ALL I can smell. I am sure the people in my van pool loved that this  morning. I almost turned around half way there because I was scared I stunk. Needless to say, 100% satisfaction or your money back, is going to be taken up on this deal!
9. At lunch I went pretend shopping at I filled my basket full of Dr. Scholl and Banana Tropic products I really wanted. It ended up coming to $34 so I closed out the window. Haha the joys of being old, when shopping for foot products and sunscreen become what you do in your downtime!
10. It's time to hang up my jersey! The Capitals got creamed lost last night which means our season is over. And believe me, EVERYONE at work has stopped by to say something about it today. Next year we will be better than ever!
And what 10 things would you like to share today?!


  1. LOL @ the tanning stuff. The joys of tanning products.

    Hope that things with your house get settled soon.

  2. You should have posted a tanning picture lmao