Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

1. Last Tuesday I was super prepared for this post, and this week I had no clue what I was going to write about!
2. I got way to used to sleeping in late and staying up at night. This morning was rough! I had no problem getting up, it was when we were on the road it really started to hit me how tired I actually was.
3. I have been having headaches pretty bad again. You know those kinds where your glasses literally feel as though they are pinching your nose. Just taking them off is a huge relief, except for the part where I am blind as a bat and can't see anything. I am assuming they are either one of two things, one- my blood pressure is up again or two- they go along with my allergies.
4. I was a good girl and packed my breakfast and lunch today! No spending money on high priced city food for me today! I mean really, even the McDonald's in the mall is more expensive!
5. I had to pay my personal property tax bill which was $435. Yikes! So now I won't have enough to make the car payment so that will be a couple days past due. Are you happy state of VA?! You got my money for a vehicle now I can't even make a payment on! Yup, I am pretty sure they don't care.
6. I have heard there are a ton of places to pick strawberries by the new house. So I put a post out on the mommy forum for some recommendations. Hopefully we can include that in our weekend plans! Some how I always go at the end of the season and get the left overs. Lucky for us they are still just as yummy! I mean who knew there was only a window of time to pick strawberries!
7. The old house is supposed to go to settlement on Friday. I am kind of irritated at the whole thing. After my realtor found out she isn't getting paid for sale, she hasn't stayed in contact with. Until she called me a couple weeks ago to tell me she was going on a cruise and probably wouldn't be at settlement, I had no clue the offer had been accepted by the bank. I asked her to please send me the information which she said she would, yet I never saw it. Today the other realtor called to tell me where to be for settlement. I mean, it would have been nice to be informed we were this close. I am just going to bite my tongue since it is so close to being over with. I will say that I won't put ink on any pages until I get the paperwork I need from the bank. Fingers crossed it all goes smooth.
8. I have been doing pretty good on Weight Watchers this week and have tracked every bite! I peaked on the scale this morning and was disappointed to see that it hadn't moved. I am hoping I will wake up tomorrow at least a little bit lighter!
9. I cried like three times this weekend (ha! every day when it was time to get dressed) because I seriously have no clothes to wear since it's getting warmer. You think I am joking, but I have only a handful of winter clothes that fit and now it's getting to warm. I got rid of all the clothes that were too big for me last summer, but here I am back up in weight and now those clothes don't fit that I do have. I don't have money to buy anything new nor do I want to. So if you see me in sweatshirts all summer long, you will know why.
10. I did 5 loads of laundry and two loads of dishes! I was pretty proud of myself!
So what 10 things do you want to share this Tuesday?

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  1. Atleast your house was taken care of. My house is still sitting up in ghetto-ville waiting to be foreclosed on.