Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday

And it's Tuesday again! So here we go!
1. I can't believe that it is already July and even more so that it's already the 9th of July!
2. I have something on my mind that I really shouldn't talk about since I'm not involved, but it someone I know really well. It just surprises me at things people do and think they can get away with. I mean come on, you had to know that it was a criminal offense! 

3. Today was day two of the 24 day challenge. It's definitely doable but it's mind over matter for sure. I kept thinking about food all day long! I'm told its your body detoxing off of sugar. But I ended up feeling pretty crappy by the time I got home. Luckily one carton of tomatoes consumed and I was good to go! I'm 1/5th of the way through the hard part!

4. I'm seriously thinking about being a cheerleading coach for Spotsylvania this fall, but its such a big commitment! They are practically begging for coaches and they said no experience is necessary, they will have instructions for everything. But my issue is with work and my commute, I'm not sure how dependable I can be.

5. Speaking of cheer, games are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every Saturday. They want 1-2 practices a week also for at least an hour........we wont know alot until August but it makes me nervous with school starting. On the bright side Hailey is excited so I'm excited for her!

6. I noticed my hands were kinda looking oldish today.......sigh

7. Hailey wants a puppy for her Birthday. Apparently poor Pixie isn't making the cut anymore. When I asked "well what about Pixie?!?" the response was "she's three now, and I want a puppy!" 

8. I walked to Starbucks with a coworker today (yup I didn't get a thing!) and I always give the chick behind the counter a hard time about us not being "customers of the week" guess who gets to be customers of the week this time! They took our pictures and everything! Hahaha! Ps. Nothing free is included! Bummer!

9. My tootsie roll turns 6 next month! Sheesh! No wonder my hands are looking oldish!

10. I have known about needing time off for a funeral onThursday since Saturday. I still haven't asked to work from home and take some time off for the day. It's not a happy place right now to say the least! (This has to do with my #2 on this post)

So that's my ramblings for Tuesday! What would you like to share?

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