Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday!!!!!
1. I started thinking about what I was going to write last night, but now I have forgotten it. Ha!
2. I'm doing zumba on Wednesday with Heather and I am pretty sure it's going to be a big mess! Nothing about me is coordinated! I watched some videos online at some zumba classes last night and.......yeah.....I can only imagine what tomorrow is going to look like!
3. Tomorrow is day 10 of the cleanse part and I am so excited I made it through it without even a tiny slip! Since starting I have loss a little under 5lbs and I was looking at the scale disappointed this morning. Then I was like "ummmm it's only been 9 days!" so that's amazing!!!! Cut yourself some slack Nicole!
4. I just signed up to donate double red blood cells on Sunday at our mall! I have been over due and they have been blowing my phone up trying to schedule something with me! The Red Cross just lovessss my O blood!
5. I just heard someone say they were going across the street and would be bringing back a big box of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! Ahhhhh temptations!
6. Hailey asked for an Easy Bake oven for her birthday. I looked up some of the stuff. Number one it plugs in now and doesn't use a light bulb. Number two you can create so many yummy stuff! I'm excited for her to make me desserts to eat!!! haha!
7. It looks like our camping trip is a no go for this weekend. Kenny has mandatory overtime now that he has to complete. Whomp Whomp!
8. I am addicted to the series Friday Night Lights on Netflix! Literally addicted to watching episode after episode! The last show was in 2011, so I am pretty behind! I still have three seasons left to watch!
9. This past weekend we drove all the way to the Outer Banks in NC, another place I have never been, for a nasty (in my opinion) looking station wagon thing. We literally drove there and came right back home. I didn't get to put my feet in the sand or even dip my toe in the ocean. It was a fun trip (minus the minor car accident), but that part was pretty disappointing. I will be going there one day when we finally can take a vacation!
10. I had no clue that VA beach was so close to us. I mean it's 2 and a half hours away, but I commute that to work some days! Kenny is going to Baltimore next weekend to help a friend move, so I told Hailey we will be getting up early and heading to the beach for the day! We can stay all day and head back that night! I have never been and I am excited!
So those are my ten things on Tuesday, what are yours?!?

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  1. Sucks for no camping but the overtime will be nice. & yay for a day beach trip! That will be awesome! and lets bow our heads and pray for nothing broken or sprained at ZUmba : )