Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So What Wednesdays!

So What Wednesday
Today I am linking up with  the lovely Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of
So What Wednesday!

Today I am saying "So What" to:

I have been driving myself nuts with watching everything I eat and following the my plan, just so that I can have a gain today! Boo!
Another blogger has been following the Target clearance sections for summer products. She hit her store yesterday and got a bunch of stuff for 90% off. I excitedly went there yesterday and nothing in my store was on clearance. I even scanned some things!
My weeds were looking pretty green this morning. I guess it will be round two with the Round Up tonight. It says "kills weeds guaranteed", I will be calling if it doesn't live up to that guarantee!
Kenny decided that 1:30am was a good time to argue with me about leaving the light on outside. He said it attracts bugs and he has to fight to get in the door when he gets home. Well I leave at 5:00am. It is very dark and I need the light on to see. He said then I need to turn the light off when I get home from work. I told him that if that is the case, then he should turn it off at 9am when he wakes up and lets the dog out. I mean why leave it on an extra 9 hours until I get home if it is such a problem? Also it will ensure that it is off. See my point? He did not!
The cat has been getting into everything lately! She knocked a box over and got a ton of those green packing peanuts all over the floor. I seriously thought about leaving them there and pretending she did it after I had gone to bed so I wouldn't have to clean them up and Kenny would ha! But, I did the right thing and cleaned them up.
Is it pay week again? NOPE! Almost a week and a half left! Boo!
So what are you saying SO WHAT to this Wednesday?


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