Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 25

This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
Thoughts for the week:

Wahoo! Yup, you read that right! I am back on my game and just 3 ounces away from 15lbs gone! I was beyond excited when I saw that this morning! I am switching things up this coming week and the rest of the month. I decided that maybe I needed a reboot for my system. I am doing a 24 day challenge which includes a 10 day cleanse then a 14 day recharge. It focuses on detoxing and clean eating. The first 10 days you have no dairy, no soda, and no caffeine, which those will be the hardest part for me. I am determined though! So hopefully this will be exactly what I need to really jumpstart my weight loss and to get back some energy that I have been really lacking lately!

See you next week!

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