Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

Thursday Thoughts
Look a new link-up today! I never have one for Thursday! And we all know I like to think! Today I am linking up with the wonderful Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......
- Today I started the max phase of the 24 day challenge. You know why it is exciting?! Because it means I made it through the 10 day cleanse part! Yup! I did it!
- I never understand why people have to post on facebook how they are taking a "break" and this will be their last post. Okay, good for you, butttttt then you post something like 30 minutes later, than an hour later, then like 10 more times throughout the day? I thought you quit? But, don't worry you will post about quitting again tomorrow!
-Zumba last night was a blast! It was a mess for sure, but it was fun! A great workout and I am feeling it today!
- Hailey brought home some fake, but realistic looking snakes she got from my Mom's. I thought it was funny to put one on the top of the steps for Kenny to see when he got home. To make it even funnier he said the cat was laying on the step with it sleeping, so it kind of freaked him out! Ha! I had to laugh!
- I don't understand why cat's are so bad! Rosie is driving me crazy with getting on the counters! I HATE IT! And to add insult to injury this is day TWO that she has stolen a part of my lunch that I had sat out the night before. She takes me whole grain English Muffins! Yesterday I left it just laying on the counter in a baggy, okay so lesson learned. So last night I thought I would put all my stuff on top of it so it was hidden and I even put my banana on top of all that. I figured she wouldn't see it and then she wouldn't move everything around. Wrong! Thanks for eating my complex carbs jerk cat!
- I wore capris today.......forgot to shave. Yup, I am "that" girl today!
Any thoughts you want to share this Thursday?!

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  1. Totally cracking up at the Facebook break thing! I also enjoy when people take a break due to the "drama" and then create drama by announcing their break.... It's such a vicious circle!

    And of course, congrats on finishing the the first 10 days!