Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite Things: Beauty Edition

Favorite things

So it's no secret........I love makeup! And though I don't get to splurge on it as much as I used to when I was a teenager, I still have some of my favorites. Every holiday and Birthday there is always something either fragrance or makeup related on my wish list!
These though are some of my current favorites. Most of these are ones that I have had and have been using on a daily basis. And as you can see, I like a mix of brands!
The first one is an amazing bronzer I found by Smashbox. It has a slight shimmer to it and works great for contouring. It has a mix of colors and when swirled together it makes the perfect cheek color! Mine right now has a big hole in the center so it's coming to a end soon, but it has lasted me a good 6 months and probably will last me through July.
Benefit's High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl are both ones I got in a benefit's sample pack. I use them both as a highlighter when I am contouring my cheek bones and highlighting under my eyes. A little bit goes a long way!
Urban Decay's Naked palettes are my favorite! I just love the colors in there and the amount you can play with them. You can use one color for an all day look or many colors for a smokey brown look. Though I am a bright color kinda gal, I never get bored with these!
Marc Jacob's Daisy Fresh smells amazing! It is a summer edition and I instantly fell in love with it. Luckily one of my work buddies pays really good attention to what I look at when we take a lunch trip to Macy's because this was my gift from her for my Birthday! I was super surprised.
Maybeline's Clean Express is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. It is like a gel formula so it is kind of refreshing when you are taking your eye makeup off!
Betsy Johnson's Too Too and Too Too Pretty are some of my favorite smells! And who could pass up that bottle!
Juicy Couture's perfumes are an older favorite of mine. I love the Couture Couture and the Viva La Juicy ones! I usually always have a sample in my car so I can give it a quick squirt and smell nice!
Maybeline's Dream Bouncy Blush is also a fun way to give your cheeks some color and to help contour your face. I have had this one for a long time and still have a good amount of it left. And with Maybeline, don't forget your coupons! They normally have sales and a couple dollars off!

I can't say that this is the best thing ever, but the Rocket Boost mascara by Maybeline is what I am currently using and I like it. I have such a hard time with mascara and what I am looking for. I definitely like volume and length. This one does pretty good with the volume at least.

Eyeliner! This is my favorite piece of eye makeup! I am not picky with my eyeliner. The one shown is an Urban Decay 24/7 in black. These eyeliners are really awesome and come in some great colors! I love their purple and aqua and it seems to go well with my green eyes. They are fun colors to play with. They also have a nice copper color that goes on well with the Naked colors. The only problem is that they can be kind of pricey. I got lucky and found a kit of 6 minis on clearance so that wasn't too bad. I think it was left over from the holiday sets! And the nice thing is they can be sharpened, so even those minis last a good long time! To be honest though, I normally stick with maybeline or covergirl ones due to prices. I use anything that is black, creamy, and has a nice point to make a defined line.

So there you have it! These are some of my favorite things when it comes to beauty finds!
What are some of your favorite things?

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