Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday!

* I'm being lazy and not turning the computer on so I don't have my usual little 10 Things picture. 

* Yesterday I had a panic attack as I was getting off the van. It wasn't fun and I was trying to hide it and get to my car as fast as I could without anyone talking to me. The night went down hill from there!

* I spent the night wide awake and sick to my stomach. I couldn't figure out if it was nerves or something I ate. I finally started to doze around 7am. 

* The nauseous feeling started to make me wonder if I was missing something, especially with how tired I've been. My cycle has been a little strange the past couple months, but I figured it was from birth control. I googled for 24 hour pharmacies in the area so I could go at 2am when Kenny got home. I was at Rite Aid at 9am buying a test. 

* It was negative, which at this very moment I was relieved. 

* While at Rite Aid I pick up 3 new nail polishes that were on clearance. They are very pretty! I didn't realize they were on clearance until I got to the register. I might have to make a trip back for the other two colors I liked. I mean $1.50, who can beat that!

* I let Hailey sleep with me like twice until Kenny got home. The first night she had a nightmare and the other night was when we had no air conditioning, since my room was the only house with a fan. Now every night is a fight to get her to go to her bed because she wants to sleep with me. She has NEVER done this before! Ugh!

* I need to figure out what kind of dessert I'm going to make for Fourth of July. Pinterest has some interesting ideas, but a lot involve fruit. I'm pretty much the worse fruit cutter in the world, so no way could I make them turn out that great.

* My house party Paper Pumpkin kit will be here tomorrow! I'm super excited!

* I'm working from home tomorrow and I'm off Thursday for the holiday, and then took off Friday. I'm hoping that will be at least a little time to get my nerves worked out, so I can go back Monday less stressed.

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday!  

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