Monday, July 15, 2013

And a new week begins!

So another weekend has come and gone! Who gave it permission to fly by so fast?!? This weekend is camping so I am sure the work week with creep by since something exciting is going on!

I wanted to update you a little bit on my 24 day challange! I have been kicking butt! It's been a week now and I am still going strong. Wednesday will be the last day of the "cleanse" phase which is the strictest part of the challange. Then it will start the "max" phase for 14 days. This whole challenge revoles around eating clean. And believe me it's not the easiest, especially when everyone around you eats normal. During the first part I had to give up three things that are my favorite........soda of any kind (diet included), coffee, and dairy (no more milk before bed!). But it's actually gone easier then I thought.
You also can't have any fried, fattening, no sweets or chips, sugar, anything processed, and no white wheat! So what has a normal day been looking like for me?

Before Breakfast
-Sparks energy drink


2 hard boiled eggs (protien)
Strawberries (fruit)
Plain Oatmeal made with water (complex carb)



3oz baked chicken (protein)
Plain garden salad-no toppings (veggies)



3oz baked chicken (protein)
plain garden salad-no toppings (vegetables)
baked potato- no toppings (complex carb)
Steamed broccoli (vegetable)


And with my meals and in between meals I am drinking about 120 ounces of water. Some nights I make salmon for dinner instead of chicken. Friday I spiced things up, I fixed Kenny and Hailey their speghetti with ground beef and ragu and then I baked chicken for mine and used a different sauce with had less sugar and the most natural ingredients. Then I used whole wheat noodles for both of our meals. I finished it off with a garden salad. It was really good and the noodles weren't to bad either!

At this point I'm pretty proud of myself! I powered through the first few days where I was feeling pretty rough. This is when your body is adjusting to the new way of eating and detoxing from the junk it's used too. I'm feeling better and have noticed a difference in my stomach. I'm not so bloated and I'm more energetic then normal. I can't wait to see my final results and to keep the healthy habits going!

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