Tuesday, December 17, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. In case you were wondering how the Nerf bow saga was going........I got it on Amazon on my way home from work last night! I was determined to go to toys r us on the way home, but the more I thought about it through the day the more I got stressed at the fact they might not have it on the shelf and it was no where online. I decided to check Amazon one more time and there it was $19.99 just waiting for me and I went ahead and bought it right then and there! Mission accomplished!
2. I can not believe that this time next week with be Christmas eve! That is unreal to me! Also it will be my 6 year wedding anniversary! This past Friday marked our 9 years being together! That also is unreal to me!
3. I thought when I was pregnant I would feel more confident about how I look, since ya know I'm pregnant I am suppose to have a belly. Well I am more self concious then ever especially since I am just now starting to show. I don't think it's a cute bump that most people get, it's just an extra bulge to my bulgey areas!
4. I am still swearing by that EmergenC! I felt really bad last night like I was getting sick! My nose was stuffy, I was sore, and my throat and ears were itchy feeling. I took a glass of it and went to bed. Shibang! I woke up feeling much better this morning! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it gets me through the whole cold/flu season!
5. I am mailing my last three Christmas cards out today! I am pretty proud of myself about that!
6. Kenny made me cry this morning before I left for work and not a good cry! I don't know why he has to be such a jerk sometimes! Sheesh!
7. He hung the Christmas lights out and the strand with all the blue and green lights are not working. So it just flashes red and yellow lights. It kind of reminds me of McDonalds. We offically have the McDonald's house on the block!
8. I am not sure how I feel about snapchat! I always forget to write my words! And then sometimes it tells me it didn't send so I resend it again and then it shows that I did in fact send it and now I have sent it again!
9. I really really realllllly want to go to Michaels to get a couple little things and finish off the stocking stuffing, but I pass it on the way to the park and ride in the evenings and I see how crowded it is, and all the mall traffic (it shares the parking lot) and in fact all the traffic in both directions, and then I change my mind and just continue home instead of venturing back out.
10. There is something going on health related with one of my family members. I have only told Kenny about it and that was a few days after I found out whats been going on. We don't have any confirmation, but it truly isn't looking good and it's been killing me for the past week. I am not one to keep my feelings to myself, but this is something that scares me and I just can't bring myself to talk about it with anyone yet, especially not having all the answers. I just hope and pray that we will have answers soon and maybe it isn't as bad as  it seems right now. If you could just send positive thoughts our way, I would truly appreciate it.

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