Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Thoughts!

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Today I am linking up with the awesome Jennifer at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom! 
So what are my thoughts this Thursday?! Well for starters......

- Christmas is 6 days away! It is flying up on me, but my question here is why has this work week gone so slow?! I mean come on! I have another day left of work still! When will this work week end?!

- Hailey is in the aftercare at her school provided by the YMCA. Last year we were constantly having turn over and you never knew who was going to be in the classroom when I picked her up. It was actually bothersome to me since Hailey really had a hard time adjusting. We were told this year would be different, they had a permanent teacher and she wasn't planning on going anywhere. Welp! Today is Ms. Emily's last day! So a new teacher starts after the break.

- I got a performance fleece from Old Navy on black Friday. I will admit I am in love with this thing! It's so light weight, but sooooo warm! I wouldn't mind a couple more in different colors, but I will be good and not spend the money.

- Hailey was not allowed to watch TV or play her LeapPad all day on Sunday because she didn't brush her teeth with tooth paste and then she lied about it. And before you judge me for being to tough on her, this is a constant problem that we go through and Hailey has a LOT of issues with her mouth, not to mention a lot of dental work for a 6 year old. Anyways, Sunday she was so upset about it and I felt that maybe I finally got through to her. Nope! Tuesday we went through the same exact thing and last night she was without TV and a LeapPad again. I was really surprised that she would do that again and so soon at that!

- Even though I am almost done with my shopping, I feel completely unprepared for Christmas.

- I decided that since office morale was so low at work that I would not put my little pink Christmas tree up. I ended up caving and it's sitting pretty on my window ledge. I am not good at being Grinchy.

- I received a B Makowsky leather hobo purse today from my program officer. I had never heard of them before and when I looked it up apparently they are up there with Coach and other designer brands. I also was shocked at the price of it! CRAZY!

- I can schedule an elective ultrasound at a place in Fredericksburg as early as next week to see the gender of the baby! I have an appointment on January 3rd with my OB so I wonder if I will have a sono then (that one would be free)! Ahhhhh! I want to know so badly!

- I always wrap my presents on Christmas eve! It's just something I have always done! This year I am considering doing it early since I know it will be a busy day with working, commuting, and then having to go get Hailey from my Mom's, plus it would be nice to do a celebrate with Kenny our anniversary. I'm scared if I wait then things will run late and I will end up being exhausted and up until all hours of the morning wrapping. Decisions, decisions!


  1. I'm pretty sure you made changes to this post.

  2. Wow! That's a nice gift. Enjoy.
    Our son used to be really bad at brushing his teeth. I remember the days of brushing them and than suprivising him. Glad he's grown to develop good dental hygenie. I'm sure your daughter will too.