Thursday, December 5, 2013

Letter from Santa!

Yesterday we came home to a big green envelope on our front porch! My hands were full so I asked Hailey to carry it inside for me. She grabbed it and took one look and said "HEY IT'S FOR ME"! I looked at the return address which was from someone named Santa Claus! She seemed very familiar with who it was from and quickly opened it. Here is what was in there! Apparently Santa wrote special letter just for her! And there was also a certificate that certifies Hailey on Santa's good list!

Now for some pictures!

She was one happy little girl!
So the true story of this is that I ordered this cute package from a fundraiser with through the local Mommy Network! The site was . I ordered it back in early November and couldn't wait for her to get it! It had several different templates and I choose the "new sibling" one. I thought it might be special this year since she is going to be a big sister! It was fully customizable, which was awesome! I set it to ship right after Thanksgiving so I have been patiently waiting the past few days to see when it would come! It came in a big green envelope with a gold address label from the North Pole! It was a very nice surprise for Hailey, went to a good cause, and also I "googled" around and found discount coupon codes! Can't beat that!

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