Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!!
1. I am proud to say, except for one item (stupid Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow), I am done with Hailey's Christmas shopping! Wahoo! I also crossed off some other people off my list also this weekend!
2. I was very happy with my black Friday online finds! Cyber Monday sucked this year because really so many good deals were online on Friday that they just couldn't compare. So I ended up buying nothing yesterday!
3. These headaches are for the birds. I keep reading they are common during this stage of pregnancy because of the extra blood flow. It doesn't mean I like them though!
4. I have waited since September to see little baby Soren with his crazy amount of hair! I finally caught up with them on Thanksgiving, but he was getting over a cold and his parents had just caught it. Friday about 24 hours after cuddling with him, guess who started feeling pretty bad?! Yup this chick! I had sore throat, achy body, sore ears, and just felt really bad! I remembered I had a sample of Emergen C in the cabinet that I had gotten free in the mail awhile back so I opened that thing up and took it. Probably two hours later and I was feeling much better! I woke Saturday perfectly fine!
5. I spent $162 at Target last night. ::dies:: Though let me add that this included a lot of our cleaning supplies and groceries for the week. So the cleaning stuff and household products will last at least a month or two! Also in that total was a box of 30pack EmergenC! I tell ya, I am a believer! And it was on sale and I had a cartwheel for it!
6. In fact I used all 17 of my cartwheel deals last night. It took about 2 hours to shop and make sure I was getting everything just right. Plus I used coupons so I did save a little of $40 that way! I get very proud of my coupon savings!
7. I got my flu shot today. My OB told me that it was a must back in October, but yeah, I kept putting it off. It takes two weeks to be fully effective so hopefully I don't catch anything at the craft fair or out and about this weekend!
8. It's been a big week for Scentsy! I closed a party the other night for my bestie and she was able to get some goodies! I also have an event this Friday at a school with the faculty. And then I have the Golden Beach craft fair Sunday which is something I have done for years. I usually do pretty good selling my stock there!
9. I spent WAY to much on eating out last month. I am still using to help manage my money and budgets so every time I use any card it categorizes my purchases. Let's just say I was pretty upset when I realized that I had spent so much on eating out. Those coffees, bagels, lunches, and quick bites to eat add up!
10. Molly (Hailey's elf) needs to come back tonight. I have meant to bring her back Sunday, but I forgot! We watched the movie the other night and she was talking about when her elf comes back. She quickly said that it wasn't close enough to Christmas and she wasn't worried about it, it was probably still up there making toys. Ha! That kid!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. BOTH of you would be amazing right now! I always love getting together with you two when I do get a chance to get up there!

    How can you take that EmergenC stuff. Is it the powder or are you able to get pills up there. I had the powder stuff and took it before I headed North and I puked it all up lol