Monday, December 16, 2013

Someone's Been on the Good List This Year!

So you might be wondering what Christmas is looking like for Hailey this year!
Wellllll.....since I bought everything online, I'LL SHOW YOU!

First we have the Charlie Brown Christmas book and matching Snoopy stuffed animal from the Kohls Cares!

Next we have a refill pack of darts for the NERF Rebelle products
 A Hello Kitty Dream Lite! (This was one of my killer deals online on Black Friday)
A Build A Bear Flutter Shy!
Some pink performance fleece gloves from Old Navy!
A matching Hello Kitty Hat from Old Navy. It will match her jacket perfect!
Hailey has been begging me for some boots. So she picked these out in black. She doesn't know I bought them though!
This was also a top on Hailey's wish list! Hawleen Wolf doll from Monster High
A Monster High Journal set!
Monster High Movie
Another Monster High Movie
A Mini Fashion Monster High Sketch Book
A small Tapefetti Journal
Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle Equestria Dolls!
The missing piece to Hailey's My Little Pony puzzle! Pinkie Pie!
I got this scarf in pink and white (instead of the gray, the face is white) from Old Navy
Skipper in Barbie Pony Tales doll and horse!
The NERF Guardian Crossbow!
Not pictured is 3 night gowns, Hello Kitty bathrobe and slippers, all from Kohls. A neon yellow performance fleece from old navy and two pairs of jeans!
The most important thing that is missing from the list is the NERF Rebelle Heartbreak Bow! This is impossible to find online! I saw it at Toys R Us a couple weeks ago and should have grabbed it, but being a frugal momma, I decided to check online for better deals. I still haven't found it! I found it this morning on Amazon for the price that Toys R Us had it, and STILL I hesitated and decided I would run by the store tonight and see if they have it and if not order it on Amazon. But not even an hour went by and I received a notice saying that it was sold out on Amazon now! So now with 9 days left until Christmas my stubbornness has put me in a tough situation! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find it on the shelf tonight at Toys R US!
So not to bad for Christmas! I was able to keep it under $300, even with the price of the bow figured in! Plus I have $45 cash back pending in ebates right now on my holiday purchases! I am pretty proud of myself and I put so much time and effort into making sure I was getting the absolute best deals and the most cash back! Now just to grab that bow and a couple little stocking stuffers!

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  1. That's awesome! She is getting so many awesome things! She should be very happy!