Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013!

So another Christmas has come and gone! It's so hard to believe it's been five days since Santa came and left! And boy, has it been a very busy past five days!

We started our celebration off on the 20th with Kenny's family. He has a very large family so in order to get them all together they started doing their party the weekend before Christmas! It definitely makes it more enjoyable because we were able to go and stay instead of running off to the next place. They did a white elephant gift exchange this year, which we got lucky because we didn't bring a gift, but there were extras so the made us play! I walked away with a $10 target gift card! Cha-ching! It was nice visiting and catching up with everyone!

Christmas Eve I had to work half day. It was super low key at work and most people were out of the office. I think every day should be a half day! It makes me way more productive! Traffic was amazing on the way home, which is something I was worried about! I made it home in record time and it gave Kenny and I a few minutes to ourselves to exchange cards for our anniversary. We then headed over to Maryland to pick Hailey up from my Mom's. We opened presents there with my Mom which was nice. I loved the stuff I got! And both Kenny and Hailey seemed happy with their gifts too! We got home and did dinner then I worked at baking my first batch of "from scratch" cookies! This was something I was super excited about! I am pretty good at baking, but I have never made anything from a recipe. They turned out awesome! And Santa ate three of them so I think he agreed. I read Hailey "Twas the Night Before Christmas" like I have ever since she was a baby for Christmas! We finally got her to bed about 9:30, which she was so wound up and excited, but she seemed to fall asleep pretty fast! This is when all the wrapping started. I saved it for Christmas Eve again, because well it's just tradition. I got it all done in record time. It may not of been pretty, but it was wrapped! Everything got set up and ready!

Christmas morning was pretty nice. We slept in, thanks to Hailey having instructions to play her leappad or in her room instead of waking us up. Who knows what time she got up! We were up around 9:00 and she was ready to go crazy opening presents. She was pretty excited about everything she got and I took a lot of pictures. She was so excited about her Howleen Wolf Monster High doll, since Santa just knew how much she really wanted it. We all opened our gifts and then I fixed breakfast. I had some time to get the rest of the family's presents wrapped then it was off to getting ready to head to my Grandmother's. We got there about 3:30 and had a pretty awesome time. It's an hour and a half away so we ended up getting home pretty late.

Thursday was pretty low key. Hailey played with all her new things. Kenny ran back over to Maryland to get some stuff to work in the garage with. I piddled around the house until the afternoon when we went to do our Christmas exchange with one of my besties. We did dinner and then exchanged gifts and caught up. We pretty much see each other, maybe once every other month, even though we live only 20 minutes away so it was a nice visit.

Friday was an exciting day and I had an appointment in the afternoon (I'll talk about that in another post)! We went to that and then pretty much had enough time to go home and get ready to go out to dinner with Kenny's dad and brothers over in Maryland. That was a really nice time and I got to enjoy some crab dip and crab cakes! Yummmm! But it put us home pretty late again.

Saturday we pretty much got up and had to get ready to head to Kenny's mom's back over in Maryland. (You don't have to tell me how much gas and time we spent commuting this past weekend!) Dinner was good and it was a nice time for the most part. After that we headed back to his Dad's since he had asked if Hailey could spend the night and go shopping with him the next day. We did presents there and Hailey quickly showed us the door. We headed back home just the two of us. I ended up asking if we could go to the grocery store since food in our house has been pretty nonexistent. With a whole bunch of huffing and moaning and groaning, Kenny agreed to go with me. We ran into the store and did some shopping and some arguing (haha he seems to forget how much food costs, especially the name brand items he likes). Then we finished the night off with a movie on the couch and a bag of popcorn.

Sunday I decided was going to be my lazy day! I slept in and spent the whole day in my pajamas. It poured most the day so it seemed like a perfect day for it. I did do a few things around the house, but for the most part I just rested and watched Netflix. I defiantly needed a day to rest. I feel like I have been running a marathon lately and I know it will be a long week back at work, even with the holiday off.

So Christmas is pretty much over for us. The tree is still up and theres a lot of stuff that needs to be put away and cleaned up, but it can wait until after the new year! I want to enjoy a little more of the Christmas mess before it's gone for good. I can't believe how fast Christmas came and went! It was an awesome time and I loved seeing everyone and feeling the excitement in the air. I am still in shock that the new year is pretty much right around the corner!

So I have a couple pictures for this post from my phone since my camera was dead on Christmas morning (womp womp!), but the camera pictures will have to wait until another post! (I know, I know! Who knows when that one will be here!)

Christmas Cookies were a success!

In our PJs and ready for bed!

Santa came for everyone including the cat and dog!

Christmas morning!

Opening gifts! (This one is from my Aunt in FL)

The Christmas morning aftermath!
I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and holidays! I can't wait to catch up on everyone else's blog!

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