Tuesday, December 31, 2013

10 Things on Tuesday!

It's Tuessssssday again!!!! And the end of 2013! Can you believe that?!
1. I am still grasping the fact that 2013 is over and 2014 will be here in less then 24 hours! Ahhhh! Funny thing is that at work, we have already been writing 2014 on everything since October 1! That's when our new fiscal years begin! It makes it an easy adjustment to switch to writing 2014 in everyday now!
2. I am feeling much better then yesterday and I am happy to report that I got some sleep last night!
3. I drove to work today and will get off at 11:00am! Then it's back to Maryland to pick up my little, who apparently isn't feeling very good. Womp Womp.
4. I called my Mom last night to vent about something and she totally made it worse. Her response went something along the lines of "You are upset and crying over that?! Nicole you have way more things to be upset about!" and then she started telling me everything else I could be upset about including some not so good results from a doctors appointment that someone had yesterday. I was like "Gee thanks, you really know how to make someone feel better!" Ha! I guess it took my mind off of the one thing I was upset about!
5. I am going to make some changes this coming year! I refuse to be stressed out and upset over simple things, when there is so much to be happy about. Positives always outweigh the negatives!
6. I used my kohls gift card last night. First, I checked out the clearance Christmas stuff, then the purses, and then ended up settling on a CUTE 6 pack of earrings, a 20" chain to replace the 18" one my necklace is on which just isn't as long as I would like, and Essie cuticle oil! And I paid $3.20 overage after the $25 came off! Not the most functional things, but Hey! They made me happy!
7. I ended up running into Target last night, to get KITTY LITTER! And I may have peaked in the clearance section! I did not see as many good deals as I wanted, which I really wanted more EOS lip glosses which I saw some people were getting for less than a buck, but I did end up getting a steal on a stocking holder set! I have been looking for one for years, but couldn't justify putting out the money. This is the wooden train four set which is usually $30 and I got it for $9 plus my 5%! I was pretty proud of that purchase, no more scotch tape for our stockings! And it was the very last one! Now if I could find a clearance tree skirt, I would be set on my Christmas collection!
Pretty cute right?!?
8. I have been waiting forever (11/25) for ebates to give me credit for my order that I got for my cousin's birthday. It was $8 so I was checking every day. Finally I submitted a help ticket and they found it and gave me the $8! So now I have $60.83 pending cashback for this quarter! Wahoo!
9. I was transferring money to make bill payments this morning and transferred money to the wrong credit card. It was showing as "processing" so I called BOA right away, and of course they can't do anything until it actually posts to my account and isn't pending anymore. I was hoping since it was still just pending that I would be able to cancel it before it posts. Guess my logical thinking was wrong!
10. The news paper lied! They said our Dunkin Donuts would be opening back up the Friday after Christmas! I had myself all excited to stop by on my way to work and it was closed! I had to wait until the DD 20 miles away, but I am happy to report that I am sipping on a very yummy Ice Mocha Latte!
Well this will be my last 10 on Tuesday for the year! Hope everyone is having an amazing Tuesday and a great end to the year! Bring on 2014!

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