Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ten things on Tuesday!

1. Today was a snow day and even though it snowed, it really didn't stick. It said 1-3" but we didn't even get enough to cover the grass. I was hoping for a nice snow. Maybe next time!

2. Everything is so wet outside which means when it drops into the 20s like its suppose to tonight it's going to freeze. Ice scares me, especially when I leave out at 5am.

3. We are doing the kids Christmas party this Friday! Though I still have a lot to get and do, I'm really am excited!

4. I can't believe there is only 15 days left until Christmas!

5. Hailey lost two teeth this weekend! That's five teeth down and 3 huge spaces waiting for teeth. Poor kid has a rough time eating!

6. I closed out two scentsy parties this month! I really love the stuff and wish I could have more parties. I really need to figure out how some of these directors do it!

7. I ordered an extra snowman warmer because it was just too cute. I figured I would sell it this weekend at a craft fair. I ended up not going due to the weather and anyways it got here a day late. Let me just add the box is damaged, there's a big hole in the side. I guess that's two reasons why I should just go ahead and keep him! ;)

8. Packages have slowly been trickling in! I haven't opened one box yet! I really should start opening and making sure everything is in there!

9. I wish money wasn't an issue for me! I really would love to get my friends so much nice stuff for Christmas that I know they would love. I just keep telling myself one day maybe I'll be rich.

10. There is something about my Christmas tree all lit up that just makes me so happy! It makes the living room so much more cozier!

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