Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So What Wednesday!

Today I am linking up with the lovely Shannon over at L.A.I.D for another edition of
So What Wednesday!
Today I am saying "So What" to:
- The fact that I am really unhappy at my job currently and I am ready to say a big "F YOU" to one of my higher ups. Believe me if I didn't NEED the money I would not be commuting almost 4 hours a day for this shit and I wouldn't be putting up with this dumbness.
- I want to do and need to do so many things, but have no motivation to do any of them!
- I was on a roll with getting the dishes done this past weekend. One sink was completely empty! But then I made dinner that night and filled it back up. There it still sits 2 days later!
- I need to go to the dreaded Toys R Us tonight to pick up my packages all because I didn't want to pay shipping. Now I wish I had of!
- I really want to decorate, but haven't found the time or energy to do so! In fact, I was pretty proud of myself for finally taking my Halloween stuff down on Friday.
- I keep forgetting how fast Christmas is coming! I am falling behind! I am hoping to have the tree up maybe Friday and then Saturday is family pictures. Next I need to work on getting cards and mailing them out!
- I am part of an ornament blog swap. I put so much into picking out the ornaments and now I don't want to give them away because I like them! Ha! Don't worry, they are packaged up in a box next to me and will be mailed out today.
-Why would the state of VA make our personal property taxes due tomorrow. I mean, keeping that extra $385 in my bank account during the holidays would have been a huge help! Scrooges!
- Kenny sleeps on the couch pretty much every night. He gets home around 1:30am and then sits and watches tv. Usually he comes to bed around 3:30-4ish, but all this week I have been waking him up on the couch when I leave for work at 5.
- Aftercare helps Hailey with her homework every day and then I usually make her redo it or correct it when she gets home. I would rather them NOT help her if they are going to let her do it wrong.
- Things people say and do have really been getting to me lately. I have literally been having to tell myself over and over to "LET IT GO NICOLE".
I know you want to say "SO WHAT" to some things! Your turn!

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