Monday, December 30, 2013

Monday Morning/Midafternoon Ramblings!

I am stealing/nicely borrowing this from the lovely Jen over at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

- I am a little bit of a mess today. Okay a big mess today!

- I have been awake since 3:16am worrying about different things.

- One of my biggest fears is the thought of letting people down, weather it's that I didn't come through with something I said I would, or that I am not able to attend something. I hate saying no to things and I hate the twisty knot in my stomach I get when it happens. I am a people pleasure and I hate thinking I have upset someone or disappointed them.

- My anxiety is out of control today, which is funny because not even a week ago I was telling Kenny how I felt like switching medicines was a good thing because my anxiety has been more in check. Not today though!

- It poured all day yesterday which resulted in water in the basement (nothing like before) and in the garage again.

- I could have ugly cried this morning when I opened my Jeep door and discovered that there was a mini lake inside the drivers side. Water was filled the whole floor up to the pedals. It was interesting ride to work and I had to turn slowly so the water wouldn't slosh all over my pants.

- Thanks to my awesome husband who stopped by the park and ride and pulled the plugs to drain the water. He said nearly a gallon of water came out from just the driverside floor. Told you it was wet!

- I got my Aunt's birthday present today from Bath and Body works. Thank you Semi Annual Sale! I got everything including a sponge and bag for $12! Can't beat that since its all full sized items!

- I really want to go to Target to see if I can get some of these awesome clearance deals I keep reading about, but I just don't ever seem to be able to find them and do I really want to spend money on things I don't really need?!

- I have $25 kohls gift card that I was given from Kohls for the crappy shipping service they provided me. It expires tomorrow so I think I will head out tonight and see what I can pick up!

- I am hoping that tonight will provide me with a much better sleep so I can wake up refreshed and calmer for the last day of 2013!

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