Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cheers to the New Year- Fall Cheerleading Recap

See what I did there with the title?! I tried to tie in the fact that these cheerleading pictures from October would be perfect to share for this post because we are suppose to be cheering on the new year! Ha! It really did sound good in my head!

So Hailey did her first season of cheerleading this fall. It was a pretty good experience! They started out a little rocky, but by the end of the season our girls were loud and proud! She cheered for the peewee Falcon's team through parks and rec and they actually did pretty good this year with winning more games then they lost! Apparently this was their best year yet! So I am glad she got to experience that!

I posted some pictures throughout the season, but here are some pictures of the girls cheering!

Notice the seriousness in Hailey's expressions!

She looks like little miss thang right here! Ha!


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  1. Love the pictures. Does she want to do it again next year?