Friday, March 15, 2013

Fab Fridays!

The Everyday Joys
Today I am linking up with Laura to talk about all the fab things going on! To say the least, this has been one craptastic week for me. I mean one thing after another has gone wrong! Which makes it even more important that I take time to focus on the fab things that I do have going on!
  • Tomorrow Hailey and I are meeting my cousin and her little girl to go see the Easter Bunny at the mall! Both of the girls will be excited to not only see EB, but also to see each other! This is something that's very important to me since our move. I want to make sure they still grow up close with each other, no matter how far apart they are! I very much value the relationships I have with my cousins on my mom's side while we were growing up and now that we have gotten older.
  • Signs of SPRING are popping up everywhere! I am starting to see little flowers that are starting to peak there way through at the house. This is even more awesome because this is our first Spring in the house and I have no clue what is planted or even if there was anything planted!
PS: What are these? 
  • I added a new client (fingers crossed) to my little side business making vinyl decals! This is a pretty big deal since it is a division of one of the big dealerships in the area. It took me a couple hours last night playing with the design and we finally got that all worked out and now I have my first trial order! I am hopping to get them done tonight so I can drop them by tomorrow when we head to Waldorf!
  • Hailey has talked NONSTOP about setting up a new leprechaun trap! I took her to a little class through the local Parks and Rec last year and they created leprechaun traps and told them exactly how to catch them! Last year he got into the trap, but was able to get his way out! He did leave her a little note and some gold nuggets for a good try. This year she knows she will catch him! So we will work on that tomorrow!
  • That soccer is beginning soon! I am still waiting for a schedule, but I am excited to see how she does playing on a team! Her first team sport!
  • Circus is next week! We go every year with my cousin, even before we both had kids! The last couple years Hailey has gone and this year Jaime might be joining us! I have always loved going and it is one thing I have looked forward too every March!
So that's what is fab in my life, what do you have going on in yours?!

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  1. Leprechaun trap sounds awesome! My mom wants to take all of us to the circus ahhhh