Thursday, March 21, 2013

It might not be what I pictured it, but it's my best!

Taurus horoscope for Mar 20, 2013
"If you are doing your best in a tough situation, there is no reason to feel bad or insecure. All you can do, after all, is your best. You can't do better! Right now, though, you may feel that your best isn't the best you have to offer. You've been under some stress, and you've probably been pressed for time, so naturally you may not be in tip-top shape. Still, Taurus, if you have given what you can, then there is no reason to feel bad about it."
I liked this horoscope. I actually like it A LOT. It kind was reassuring to me because I am always struggling wondering if I am giving my best at everything. My resolutions for this year was to be the best me that I can be and that included in all aspects; taking better care of myself, being a better mom, friend, and wife. I recently read a blog post about life being a juggling act and we are constantly dropping balls. If we focus more on one ball, that means the other balls fall to the floor. It's hard to be everything at once. It's actually exhausting!
Last night I was supposed to do dishes, the same dishes that were on Tuesday and Wednesday's post, instead I decided to take Hailey for free Italian Ice at Rita's after dinner. This meant leaving those dishes still piled up with the new ones added from dinner last night. But you know what, it was the first day of spring and I thought it was more important to do something special with Hailey. Maybe that didn't make me a better cleaner, but it did add some points to being a better mom.
Things are hectic and even more so then normal. We always seem on the run and if we aren't I am buried in my books doing homework and projects. So little things like a trip to Ritas and sitting together to eat ice means a lot to Hailey. It was just her and I sitting there laughing and talking. So I am trying my best! And though things around me are a mess (i.e. my house!), I am giving everything I got. I have learned that some things can wait. Those dishes will still be there tonight waiting for me. And that laundry will still be there. Life is very unexpected and that is why it is important to me to take those moments and to appreciate the small things. I know there is other things I should be doing, but instead maybe I want to sit on the swing and look at the sky with Hailey. These are all moments that I will never get back. So maybe my house isn't clean, but my little is happy which makes me happy!
So even if your best isn't what you pictured it, know that as long as you give your everything then you are doing the best you can! And just think I got all this from a silly little horoscope app on my phone!

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