Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am just ME!

You might be wondering who am I? Well that's a great question! Sometimes I ask myself the same thing! Well I will tell you exactly who I am!

I am just ME!

I have never really been that popular, but I have been friends with a lot of people. There is only a few true that I care about and everything in the world around us can change, but as long as I have them, then that's all that matters! They can fit in the palm of my hand, but that's all I really need!

My favorite color is pink! I love bright and loud colors! especially hot pinkmand lime green! Which is super funny since I hated pink until about 11th grade. My closet was completely black and navy blue. Mainly band shirts or skater type shirts.

I have always been on the girly side of things, but I have always had a wild side to me! I had/still have an electric guitar, that I had actually had gotten okay at playing.  A couple of my friends and I started a "rock band", but all we did was goof around and I don't think there was ever any plans of being anything good. I decided I wanted to ride bmx, but I am not very coordinated so that ended with a lot of falls and bruises! I have always been into cars and trucks! All throughout high school I never missed an import car show or a parking lot hang out! I have had my small share of lowered vehicles with performance work done to them. Iknow ALOT about them too! Probably more than some guys out there! I spend a lot of time on Jeep and car enthusiast forums!

I have always been into makeup and my hair! I literally have had it every color you could imagine! I used to do the bleach blond with bright red underneath, then I started doing black underneath. I have had red hair, auburn color hair, brown hair, and black hair! I have all color highlights, even pink! I get bored with it most of the time so I will do something out of the ordinary, but usually it goes back to blonde! My real hair color is really dark brown! Just check my roots in a couple weeks! And don't even get me started on the makeup! I have a ton and always have a huge wishlist of more! I love bright, dramatic, and shimmery!

I've always been in love with stars! I also love polka dots, bows, keys and lockets, and frog stuff! Plus pretty much anything cutesy. I am a huge tinker bell and hello kitty fan!

I can be a real mess at times! Like I said, coordination is not my friend! I have never been able to roller skate or ice skate! I tend to break bones A LOT! Especially when I try to do those last two things! I can be grouchy at times, but you hardly ever know it. I tend to smile even if I am upset. I believe in being nice to people and that a please and thank you go a long way! As I tell Hailey all the time, it's nice to be nice to people!

I am sensitive and care entirely way to much, but I think that makes me the kind of person I am! Sometimes I wish I could care less, but face it, I am who I am! I am a thinker and believe me if you get me thinking about the right thing I can twist it to pieces, especially when I lay in bed at night! I can cry a lot sometimes, but I just can't help it! I am very sympathetic and often times have way to much empathy that I literally hurt for people.

I try to stay positive and be realistic. This is something that is coming with age. I always tell myself that things will all work out! Because really what's the worse that can happen?! If it is not a terminal illness or something that is illegal, then I am sure it will all be okay no matter how it works out! I try to look at the good in things and in people. This isn't always easy, but there is a bright side to most things. You just got to stop and think about it.

I am gullible and can be naive, but again it is who I am! I can be silly but seriuos too! I believe in helping people. I will tell you my honest opinion, but in the nicest way possible. Honesty and loyalty matter to me.

I love jewelry, shoes, and purses, anything with sparkles, and smelling pretty, but I also love my lifted jeep, trail riding, and getting it muddy!

Music has always been a passion! I feel it speaks to me! Like the lyrics can really say a lot sometimes! I love country and some catchy pop songs! I also love heavy metal, screamo, and alternative rock! I might take a Taylor Swift CD out to put in a Five Finger Death Punch CD.

I love to sing LOUD! I love to dance, though I have no rhythm! I love to laugh!

I struggle with my self esteem, self confidence, and my body image. Always have and always will! I don't think I am pretty, and that's okay because I think that there is more then just looks to people.

I have always been boy crazy! A little too much at times! I love hockey, bmx, and motocross! Did I mention I really love hockey?!?

The only sport I have ever played has been field hockey. I even picked it back up last year until I had to take this year off to nurse two ruptured tendons. I love the way it feels being out on the field and how you literally think of nothing but what is going on. Talk about mind clearing!

I am disorganized and OCD at the same time! I don't have the best of the best and never needed that. I have what I like and that's all that matters. Name brands never really matter much to me! I don't follow designers. If I like it and can afford something I buy it. I have never been one to keep up with the Jones and I am far from ever being a Jones!

So this is it, this is me! I am a mix of pretty much everything, but it is plain and simple me!

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