Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weighing in Wednesday- Week 12

It was another rocky week in my weight loss world, but here are my results.......
This week's weight loss:

Total weight loss since Jan. 2, 2013:
What worked for me this week:
Just tracking honestly. Friday I was so stressed from the day and then so relieved that I went on a little food binge! I was like screw weight watchers, let's eat! But by Sunday I decided that I needed to go back and track everything and that's what I did. I realized though I used my points on not so healthy stuff, I never went over my extra weekly points. By tracking that put me back on track for the rest of the week!
What didn't work for me:
 I never got around to drinking more water. I mean I drank a tiny bit more, but did not come near my goal I had set last week!

A non scale victory for me this past week:
This one is silly, but demonstrated willpower.

We ended up doing Chick-fil-a last night since we did some shoping. Well instead of those french fries, I got fruit. And let's just say I was eyeing Hailey's fries the whole time! Anyways I was proud of myself! It's easy to say you are going to do something then when you get to the cash register it's a whole different story!
My goals for this week:
I am drinking some water each day, but I really want to step that up where I am drinking at least 64 ounces. Water is so good to flush out your system. Now I just got to make it happen......this week since I failed this goal last week! Ha!

See you next week!

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  1. And great job on this weight loss!! I drink lots of water, but it's so hard to hit that 8 cups a day. I just feel like I'm drowning in water sometimes!