Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday!

1. I can not believe it is the last week in March! Where has the time gone?!?

2. That laundry pile from last week.......GONE! I washed it all. Now don't ask me where it is because I am not going telling you that it's still in the dryer and a load still in the basket! Ha!

3. Dishes, yup the same ones I have been working on for weeks, are ALMOST gone! I will finish them off tonight! Maybe between folding and putting away clothes!

4. I want to make a raised garden for some vegetables. Just a small one! I have been reading a lot about how to build the box. Then I realized that besides tomatoes, I have no clue what I would plant. I don't really eat peppers and other veggies that people normally plant! Now I need to figure that out!

5. I have been trying to figure out what I am going to do with my front yard. Right now it looks bare and just dreary. Not to mention the past two heavy snows has wreaked havoc on the trees. Huge limbs and branches everywhere! That's going to take forever to clean that up! The only problem with figuring out what I want to do is that I am not a green thumb at all! I normally kill plants! And I have no clue what to plant and where to plant them! I want flowers and greenness, but have no idea where!

6. I stayed awake last night until 2am stressing over coupons. I decided I should subscribe to the paper again, so I spent an hour looking online for the best Washington Post deal. Unfortunately they were all the same!

7. There is something in the shower that makes me itch! Every time I take a shower I get red and blotchy and itch like crazy! I use different stuff each time though, so I haven't been able to figure out what exactly does it! Kenny swears it is because I have dry skin, but even after I lotioned up I was laying there trying not to scratch my arms and legs! Showers are supposed to make you feel clean, not itchy! I really think something I use has mango extract or something hidden in it!

8. Last Friday went way better then expected! I got out of having to pay my inspection ticket that morning, and then the tax lady helped me solve my huge problem with my taxes. Now we just owe a little and I no longer am searching for places to hide from the IRS! Things aren't totally better, but this was a huge relief for sure!

9. We took Hailey to the Circus with my cousins on Saturday. She seemed to have an okay time, but something seemed wrong with her. She said she was hungry, but I had made sure I had fed her before we went and my cousin gave her some gummy bears. I started thinking last night that maybe she was disappointed because I couldn't give her the whole experience. It has to be hard when everyone around you is eating cotton candy, peanuts, and popcorn. Also Jaime got two stuffed animal elephants which Hailey seemed really excited for. On our way back from the bathroom, her and I stopped and looked at all the souvenirs, but they were so expensive. Like only one under $25 and it was a plastic horse for $18. She didn't ask for anything even though I am sure she wanted something. I had already had to rush a ton of vinyl work out on Friday so I could have money for the tickets. And this paycheck was spent before it even hit my bank account! I feel bad that I couldn't do more for her. I hope she was happy with the circus experience, but I know as a child it must be hard seeing everyone else getting stuff and you leaving with nothing.

10. I have a baby shower on Saturday and then Easter on Sunday! Our first stop will be Kenny's family's house at 2pm and then over to my Grandmothers at 4pm. At some point between baby shower and leaving for our Easter celebrations, I need to bake a cake for my family's event. I also told Hailey that either Friday or Saturday we will dye Easter eggs. And I have a 10 page paper due on Saturday, on top of other school work. So it will be a busy weekend for sure. Luckily I decided to take some time off next week to spend time with Hailey while she is on spring break! I think it will be good for both of us!

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