Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten Things on Tuesday

1. Man I did not want to get out of bed this morning! I mumbled and groaned from the time my alarm went off pretty much to the time I got to park and ride. In fact I am still kind of groaning about being here. Luckily NO ONE, seriously like not a soul, gets here in my division as early as I do, so therefore it's quiet and I don't have to say good morning to anyone. Can you say Tuesday Morning Groucho! Ha

2. I just updated my calendar and I feel like I have just been moving some of the tasks from week to week! I really need to get on top of them so I can highlight them off. It bothers me seeing so many things unhighlighted since that means it's stuff I need to do.

3. I started two new classes yesterday and didn't even log on to look at the syllabus. I think I am worried that with how stressed I am it's going to make it worse. Two and half classes left, that's all! I need to put  my big girl pants on and get them over with!

4. I need to go get plastic eggs and stuff to fill them with. Hailey's teacher is requesting everyone bring in 19 (one for each student) plastic eggs with stuff in them for there Easter egg hunt next week.

5. I really would like to do something special to send in to her class. Like a little goody bag for spring time. Something cute and crafty, but I don't know if I have the energy in me!

6. I stayed up until 2am working on those decals I mentioned on Friday so they could be delivered on Saturday. They turned out really good, but very time consuming. He said when he finishes with those, he will probably order a couple hundred of each. I hope he doesn't expect those over night as well! Sometimes being a "go getter" bites you in the butt! I am sure it will be fine! Bring on the big orders!

7. There was CATastrophe in my house this past weekend and it's awful. My cat got wax on her tail and we couldn't get it off. She decided to take matters into her own hands and get it off by basically ripping all the fur off the last 5" of her tail. So now she has a rat tail and the end she broke and she made a mess with. We cleaned it good and put a cone on her head and left her in the down stairs bathroom where she would be confined and able to rest with out the dog bothering her. It has her cat tree and liter box and all her stuff. Well she got the cone off and messed with her tail and it seriously looks like a murder scene down there. Kenny said the whole bathroom is going to need to be repainted and couldn't believe so much blood came from one cat. I won't go down there because I can't deal with blood like that. She has a the cone on again and it's tighter. I hope she just leaves it on so it can heal. In the mean time I have been so upset about it. Poor Rosie and her beautiful tail. :(

8. Friday I have court in the morning and an appointment with a income tax specialist in the afternoon. I am hoping that day turns out good. Court I just need my inspection ticket to be dropped so that will save me some moohlah that I really don't have to be donating to Spotsylvania County! And then I decided to consult with a tax specialist that my aunt and cousin recommended because we have some issues with our taxes this year and Turbotax has us owing a lot! I am hoping it's something I am not doing right or she can catch some kind of deductions that I didn't. Fingers crossed please! I need all the good luck and hope I can get for Friday!

9. Soccer starts in like two weeks and we still haven't been contacted. I have no idea when practice is or what she needs. I am getting a little frustrated by this since the deadline was in January for registration! Plus my calendar is filling up for April, so I really need to know when and where I need to be on Saturday mornings!

10. I was supposed to do dishes and laundry yesterday BUT instead I just made more laundry and dishes to do, on top of the other ones I had! Let's just say dishes have overflowed to the counter space and I could possibly be running out of that soon! Must do some tonight!

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